Milton Skating Club at Skate Canada Challenge

Milton Skating Club wishes safe travels to our skaters and coaches who are headed off to Skate Canada Challenge in Alberta – Natalie Walker, Madeline Schizas, Jackson Ellis, Lia Pereira, Kaylyn Montoya, Abigail Best, Tsina Clemente, Jesse Wang, Yasmine Clemente, … Read More

Milton Skating Club @ Sectionals Series – Octoberfest

Great Job everyone at the Octoberfest! Maddie Schizas (placed 1st in Junior Ladies group 3) Emma Burch (placed 1st in pre-Juvenile Ladies flight 1) Sarah Capella (placed 1st in her flight-pre-novice) Kitty Men (placed 2nd in Pre-juvenile U11 flight 1) Kaylyn … Read More

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