Milton Skating Club Board of Directors

Tracy Pereira President
Amy Shillington Vice President
Amy Shillington Secretary

Jen Ollier Coaching Committee

Sue Maurice Coaching Committee

Nora Plantier
Robyn Ciggaar
Maria Baker
Sarah Gould


Sue Martin

Derek Schmidt Coaching Rep

The Board of Directors hold their monthly meeting usually the first Wednesday of each month for 12 months. Each board member is required to do their best to be present at all board meetings. Board members also part take in all MSC events. The commitment level to be on the Milton Skating Club Board of Directors can be demanding as well as time consuming. But we hope everyone remembers we are all volunteers and do this to help make Milton Skating Club the best it can be. If you have any questions about the MSC Board of Directors, please feel free to email the club or our secretary and we will get back to you after our next meeting.